National I Love Horses Day

Happy National I Love Horses Day!  Every year on July 15th, we celebrate the horse across the country as an animal with key contributions to the foundation of our country.  From serving as a means of transportation to plowing fields to feed pioneers to carrying soldiers in times of war and carrying mail along the Pony Express, horses have been our loyal companions in the building of our nation.

And what's not to love about them? Whether considered simply as livestock or a member of the family, horses provide us with working skills, companionship, love, and many times, therapy.

These days, instead of being involved in the basics of survival, as they were as our country developed, horses are more of a recreational pursuit. From showing to trail riding to gaming to every discipline one can imagine, horses are there as our partners to accomplish goals as well as simply for our companionship and entertainment.

With their soft muzzles, enchanting nickers, and many color coats that delight our eyes, horses are irresistible to those who love equines. How will you celebrate National I Love Horses Day?

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Head over to the American Horse Talk Facebook GROUP to share your #LoveofCountry and #LoveofHorse by posting pics and videos that show your love of horse for National I Love Horses Day.

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