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Good morning! Have a blessed day!!

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Good morning!  Have a blessed day!!

#AmericanHorseTalk #LoveOfCountry  #LoveOfHorse

Head to the American Horse Talk GROUP to share your pics/videos and tell your tales from the weekend ...

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Head to the American Horse Talk GROUP to share your pics/videos and tell your tales from the weekend ...

#AmericanHorseTalk #LoveofCountry #LoveofHorse

Let them grow up with horses ...“Parents, let your daughters grow up to be horse girls, because they will learn quickly and repeatedly that life isn’t fair, that hard work is often trumped by Lady Luck, and that every defeat, no matter how terrible, is temporary. Let them dream big and kick on. Let them learn confidence, grace and grit. Let them build big muscles and strong backs.

Let your daughters grow up in the barn. Let them learn that buckets need filling and stalls need cleaning, even when it’s raining, even when it’s frozen, even when they have a different idea for how the day should go.

Let them set goals and reach them. Let them set goals and fail miserably. Let them learn that, if they work incredibly hard, practice like hell, ride the best quality horse they can and take impeccable care of him, they’re sometimes going to get beat by someone with 10 times the money and one tenth the drive.

Teach them to drive trucks and trailers and ATVs. Teach them to change tires and wrap legs and give shots. And let them leave a spur mark, or a bit rub, or a bandage bow, and let them deal with the shame of causing pain to an animal they love.

Let them grow up with horses and with good horse people, because it will teach them to be humble, and to be resilient, and to be brave.”

Article credit: Lauren Sprieser

Wild Oats Photography
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Let them grow up with horses ...

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God Bless America! 🙏🇺🇸

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God bless America!

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