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Stan Smith of 3R Horsemanship Wins Coveted Silver Bullet Buckle Award

"Alabama's Authentic Cowboy" Still Has It


Stan Smith of 3R Horsemanship handily wins the Silver Bullet buckle award at the 2018 Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover on June 23, 2018. This award highlights the accomplishments of mustang trainers aged 50 and above. In addition, out of a field of forty-three competitors, Stan placed 10th in the mustang maneuvers class, 12th in trail, and 15th overall. Stan Smith of 3R Horsemanship is a renowned mustang trainer, known as “Alabama’s Authentic Cowboy.” Stan started riding and training horses at a young age, then competed in rodeos and served as a pick-up man, winning multiple awards. He trains a variety of breeds of horses and for multiple disciplines. About ten years ago, he became involved with training mustangs and has consistently placed in the top five in the Extreme Mustang Makeover competitions. He is now competing in his 12th makeover, thoroughly addicted to the mustang’s ability and the camaraderie of the mustang trainers.

Stan was born and raised in Athens, Alabama. His father was a big influence in his life and encouraged him not only to ride and handle horses but also to take up horseshoeing at the young age of 14. These traditional skills have turned into a life-long passion and a successful career in the equine industry. Stan currently offers a variety of clinics including working cow clinics, training and obstacle clinics, and general horsemanship clinics. He consistently trains mustangs for the Extreme Mustang Makeover competitions and also takes in training horses as his schedule allows. Shoeing horses is an ongoing pursuit as well. Stan Smith's 3R Horsemanship is a step-by-step guide to helping riders gain confidence and build a relationship with their horse by using RESPECT, REPETITION & RELEASE. The goal is to know how to ask the horse the right question, at the right time, with the right intensity, to achieve the right response. 3R Horsemanship helps give horses a better life through educating their owners on how to have a better 'feel' for their horse and how their actions create a reaction from them.


To contact Stan for clinics, lessons, judging, training, or horseshoeing, call (256) 777-9379 or email [email protected].

For more information, please visit Stan’s website at 3RHorsemanship.weebly.com

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