Becca’s Story #1 – Finding 500 Miles

Finding 500 Miles

I woke up at 3:00 AM today to let the dogs out and, upon returning to bed, found it hard to go back to sleep. I picked up my phone to check notifications (a necessary evil of running an online business) and a notice from YouTube caught my eye. The video was called 500 Miles.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

I watched the video alone in the dark with the screen about two inches from my face (legally blind without my glasses or contacts). What I saw was an amazing cinematic project (noticed that Ben Masters whom we interviewed for the Unbranded film was involved in the production). What I learned; however, was nothing short of life changing.

The film hit home on several fronts with themes on fear, freedom, worth, purpose, trust, bonding, and more. It told the story of a handful of ranch hands and veterans coming together in a program called Heroes and Horses, founded by Micah Fink, which is a “40-day program that uses horses and remote wilderness to bridge the gap between challenge and purpose in the lives of America’s combat veterans.”  Interestingly, I have been researching this organization recently in hopes of interviewing them on American Horse Talk LIVE.  Everything happens for a reason.

The most poignant moment of the video occurred when one of the ranchers was talking about how he gentles the mustangs and puts them through the program so that they go on to other veteran owners to help them find their purpose.  As he got to the part about turning the horse over, he choked up and cried.  Here was this tough-as-nails cowboy, who rode even after an accident with a biker on the trail in which he broke his nose and both eye orbitals, tearing up at the thought of having to let this animal go.  The bond between horse and human is strong and moving!

This film is all about finding what your purpose is in life.  We are all on this journey.  For me, my purpose is manyfold – to raise my kids, to be a good wife and mother, to be God-fearing and God-loving, most importantly. In business, basically, my purpose is to tell YOUR horse story.  Meaningfully, my purpose is to affect others’ lives through the method of sharing horse stories.  I’ve told many stories, over 275 so far, but there are so many more to tell. That’s my 500 miles!

What’s your 500?

Well, that’s how my day started, and as I surf social media, set up interviews, and clean and cook for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thank the Good Lord for all my many blessings. Know that these kind of stories are at the heart of American Horse Talk and at the heart of Becca Salamone. Sharing those horse stories with you is my pleasure and my passion.  Stay tuned for this one … sooner or later, I’ll have it for you.

Happy Thanksgiving, horse friends!

Photo Credit: Chris Douglas Photography/Heroes and Horses

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