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WWEC – Founded by Mark Valandingham

I am a retired farrier and trainer. I spent most my life in the Arabian horse industry. I started a Facebook group, World Wide Equine Chat (WWEC), about four years ago as a way of giving back to the equine industry that had been such a huge part of my life.

We try to help share education and the beauty of all breeds, disciplines, and sports of the equine world. Building our group on a polite friendly atmosphere for all, our main group has gained a membership of 52,000 plus.

We have several other sister equine groups, including WWEC Evacuation and Resources, Equine Arts, Equine Youth, Equine Advertising, Equine Games, Equine Rider & Nutrition, and Equine Administrators & Moderators. We all work together to help educate not only our members but ourselves, as we believe we learn and grow daily.

We also have a saying, “There is no such thing as a wrong, dumb, or stupid equine question.” We all have to learn sometime. So, if anyone would like to join us, all are welcome at World Wide Equine Chat where our group is yours, too!

For more information, visit WWEC Group on Facebook.

UPDATE FROM WWEC:  Due to the recent hurricanes, many horses and horse owners are needing the help of their fellow horse lovers. Please consider a tax-deductible donation via CHEER rescue, the official fundraising hub for WWEC Emergency Evacuation Team. Thank you to ALL our rescuers, supply haulers and volunteers working on triage centers.

Donations can be made via:

Please mark all donations WWEC Disaster Relief.

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  1. Gail A. Kelsie on October 25, 2018 at 9:25 am

    My 16 yo 4 month pregnant AQHA buckskin mare, who arrives from Texas via Nebraska, 10 mos pregnant last April 2017stopped eating on a regular normal basis in the beginning of Sept 2018. She is now just barely grazing and has lost 300 lbs. I am almost broke from all the remedies, treatments and vet visits and tests, so if this is expensive pls do not refer me to someone that isn’t willing to just look at this case from a inexpensive point of. Jew and please, no judgments for those that have come fore you.
    She stopped consistently eating in late August e ark You sept, the weather was changing we figured she had a little morning sickness and changes her deed and hay around. There were days when she would just pick out or food but never stop eating completely .
    Within a couple of weeks she stopped eating green and eating he hanging her head over the style door and dripping what appeared to be split . She would go out and grays all day long nibble at food but you could tell she was slowly losing weight. she would go out and grays all day long nibble at food but you could tell she was slowly losing weight Oner I just got this mayor a year and a half ago and she was pregnant and then with the baby by her side until we took him at six months. On October 11, 2018 I had her teeth floated for the first time remember I just got this mayor a year and a half ago and she was pregnant and then with the baby by her side until we took him at six months BAtW, he is a beautiful strong healthy 17 -month-old colt thriving here in my neighborhood at a training facility . Because she was intermittently eating, the vet gave her a shot of B12 electrolytes to tour was mineral I’ll, gave her a shot of anabiotic’s and floated her teeth. He said she had some deep pockets but felt that her teeth with live out her natural life . He took blood and sent it to the lab. Bliss work came back with a slightly elevated billyruben (so) but no infection and nothing to be alarmed about in a horse that have done eaten in six days .
    She went for five days without eating or drinking anything before I took her to our So they examined her through her body and basically said that since she was eating the orchard grass and Karina senior equine grain and they offered her at the vet office, and she literally licked the pan clean without a problem to just try some new hair so I went to their source of hay and grain and bought exactly what she had eaten at the vet clinic. We got it home and she refused to eat it
    I have since taken her back to the same regional vet clinic and had her T3 done her job mouth and throat exam and they took a fecal sample which came back negative they ultrasound at her and showed me her baby is healthy and viable and sent me home giving her pain medication and also guard . She is still not eating or drinking.
    She has also been slobbering, literally piles of farm far out of her mouth as she chews incessantly all day long . At night she gets her medicine and she appears to be able to swallow just fine but during the day she stands over the water trough does not take any drinks and excretes phone all day to the point of piles of foam are all over the pasture
    this mayor will not be able to go to much longer without eating before she Harmons the baby and her self and I am at my wits end and pocket books and as well can anyone help me with something that we have not tried ?
    We are retaking blood today and hopefully getting some nutrients into her from another vet who has agreed to come and look at her just out of curiosity. It does appear she’s lost her desire to eat or drink, although went out in the pasture all day she does appear to Neville grass on occasion . I don’t have any money left and I just do not know what to do about this Poore Mayer and her unborn baby does anyone know how to help me ?

    • aht2o18 on October 26, 2018 at 1:05 pm

      Gail, thanks for contacting us. We’ve posted your comment on the American Horse Talk Facebook GROUP to ask for opinions from our followers. Go there to check out what they say. Thank you!