El Gezira Riding Academy

El Gezira Riding Academy has been dedicated to the education of the horseman since 1990.  We offer lessons and training, overnight camps, horse shows and travel. Our family atmosphere offers an engaging learning environment, designed to help you reach your goals.

Pam and Galah have been committed to teaching equestrians for 25 years. To so many, they are great mentors and respected teachers.  Their riding academy has brought together many.  Her love for horses and dedication to her students formed the El Gezira family.

El Gezira is an educational facility first and foremost. Riding lessons and camps provide a unique opportunity to learn the art of the horseman, from the owners and trainers who have studied this art most of their lives.

A well-rounded equine education builds strength and diligence that will serve you for a lifetime.  Come out and visit El Gezira Riding Academy. See how our love for horses brought us all together and made us a family.

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